What Is Django And The Reasons For Its Popularity


Django- a top-level Python Web framework has a pragmatic design and is easy and trendy for building your own web application in a quick manner. It is a toolkit of components required in web applications. It allows developers to have a focus on the newer and unique parts of the application rather than implementing the same solutions again constantly. Django runs on Python that is a popular programming language for web development. It is known for being agile and versatile and has achieved popularity and success. It is useful in developing simple codes, data analytics, and also in machine learning.

We discuss the major factors below that have contributed to the rise in popularity of Django.

It has splendid features

Also, compared to other frameworks Django is fully-featured avoiding the hassles in Web development. There is a stress on writing an application in a simple manner. In the Django framework, one can model domain and code classes.

An added feature is responding to the new vulnerabilities. The core team sends an alert to other frameworks about the patches they should make. Additionally, it is stable and fixes the bugs.

There are releases focusing on edge case concerns leading to making better decisions.

Access to Django packages

The community, associated with Django serves useful packages — presently around 4000 — and utilities that can be used by the world.

It is crowd-tested and moreover Django is quiet and there are some major names that use its utilities.

Great documentation

Its documentation is above the normal standard for open-source projects, and the users notice that it has grown better with time. Right from the beginning, its documentation is excellent in comparison to other frameworks.

A supportive Django community

It has a code of conduct governing all events through the Django Software Foundation or DSF. All the events involving Django come with a code of conduct. There are statements on diversity, and the mailing lists are welcoming and pleasant.

Advocacy of best practices for SEO

In Python’s Django framework there is the advocacy of the use of human-readable website URLs, helping with search engines. It uses the keywords in the URL while ranking sites. This will make the SEO team happier.


It is ideal to getting started and good in terms of scaling. Django, inherently, is a series of components that is wired up and always ready by default. The components when decoupled, are not dependent mutually and can be unplugged or replaced when there is a need for specific solutions.


Django prevents many common mistakes in security and also hides/camouflages source code of the site by generating web pages dynamically and through templates sends information to web browsers, on the Internet. There is focused and amazing working on the framework, and building things with the belief that the good features will add to progressive marketing themselves.

Owing to the diverse features Django supports e-commerce development in a big way. Through it, one can add complex modifications to the existing website. It is specially designed and its core functionality can be customized easily. Additionally, it provides a base platform for building things and can be customized based on the requirements.

Reasons for Popularity

  • There is major support for all kinds of products and special categories, which can be customized with client designs, apart from multi-lingual products, and products of different colors and sizes, plus digital, subscriptions.
  • It has simplicity, the best functionality, and is easy to maintain, besides allowing clean coding, and fast debugging.
  • There is much support sale offers, coupons, vouchers, and multi-buys,
  • A huge set of merchandising blocks catering to visual advertisements throughout the website,
  • A great feature is the extensive catalog support,
  • There is a Comprehensive dashboard replacing the Django admin totally.
  • Extension libraries that support payment gateways and payment options like gift cards, bank cards, vouchers, and business accounts or through the use of DataCash, PayPal, and GoCardless,
  • It also ensures Support for complex product handlings like order status pipeline, multi-batch shipping, and split payment. Also, there are excellent access control rules to manage the personnel who can view an order.
  • A major highlight of Django is its delivering transparent and top quality code writing so that it is important not only for the developers but also for the customers.
  • It has the advantages of an automatic administration interface and Object-relational mapper.

As per the Stack Overflow Survey of 2018, 58% of the developers voted for it as a loved framework. Through it, we can maintain a high-level performance. It has many users and the prominent are Dropbox for storage, sharing and synchronization options. The framework is used extensively by players like Disqus, Instagram, Spotify, Disqus, and YouTube, as it helps the developers to remain updated with all the new features


Thus we can conclude by saying that it is a platform on which developers can customize their website and test as per their desired preferences.




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