In the last few years, the IT sector has increased rampantly with the digital revolution and technology innovation going around in the world. One of the main aspects of computer programming is the language that gives instructions for performing specific tasks and outputs. As such, it is an essential and undeniable fact that programming language is a must to excel in the IT multiverse. In recent times, a lot of programming languages have been developed with various features. But a name that is prominent among all others, in the long run, is that of Python.

As per a recent survey made by SlashData, globally, over 7 million users prefer using Python programming language.

This statistic shows the demand for Python that has grown since its development in 1991. It has gradually made its mark prominent in the coding world and has managed to secure its place with the other two notable programming languages, i.e., C++ and Java. But let’s dive into the reasons for its popularity in this span of nearly 25 years.

1. Simple And Open-source — free and convenient to beginners

The most impressive and eye-catching fact about Python is its open-source feature, which means that anyone interested to learn or use it can do so very easily. It is also freely available. All you need to do is download Python from its parent website — So, now you are good to go with your coding.

Python has been in the industry for a very long time; a primary reason is that it is easy to code and write. Even a complete novice can read the guidelines or follow some instructional videos and become a champ programmer in no time.

2. Cross-platform languagecompatibility with different OS

The main problem that every developer has faced is that while building a project, coding becomes extremely challenging if the programming tool doesn’t support various operating systems. But with Python, there is no such issue because it runs on any operating platform — Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, etc. So if you are trying to build software and are using Python coding language, you can rest assured with its compatibility on any OS.

3. A Standard Librarya pool of tools to explore

One of the remarkable features of Python is its standard library collection, which offers a diverse range of tools such as Tinker, file formats, internet protocol, modules, pre-written codes, etc. It eliminates any additional effort in writing codes, whereby saving the overall time consumed to develop software.

Due to the suitability and reliability of Python as a programming language, many renowned companies have shifted to using it for creating newer software applications every now and then.

– Google: The most famous and our dear Google is an eminent user of Python programming language. Also, Python was originally developed to comply with Google App Engine.

– Instagram: The popular social media image and video sharing platform, Instagram uses Python language for most of its software projects. Using Python, it serves over 800 million active Instagram users spread across the world.

– Netflix: Next comes the video streaming and entertainment company, Netflix, which relies on Python for auto-remediation, security automation, risk classification, and so on. But the main project of Netflix accomplished via Python is Security Monkey.

Some of the other global leaders that are dependent on Python are Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify, Uber, Reddit, etc. These top-notch brands have already proved the successful integration of Python programming language and set examples with their smooth and quality software services. It showcases that Python can be beneficial for the people out there as it offers scope to make a career in any of these established companies.

Collaboration with prominent technologies:

If you want to develop any new software with automation features or add any technology to it, then the one thing that remains fundamental is a programming language. Since Python is easy to code and comes with its cross-platform feature, most of the software development is done with the help of this language.

Be it Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, or automation Networking, Python supports the development of any of these technologies and offers a secure and cost-effective solution.

The high performance and its plethora of library tools make Python one of the strongest programming language to be used on today’s date. Besides, the rapid growth of technologies like AI, its subsets, and other similar advancements are likely to rank Python among the most actively used programming language in future times. So if you are trying your hands in web design/development or software creation, then Python is the best companion that will give you a bright future.




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