Many of you who are into the technical field and the IT industry has come across the DevOps revolution that is facilitating the automation trend in business organizations. It is removing the disbalance between the development and operations team, which is the main challenge faced by enterprises for a long time.

So what is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops), which aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. -Wikipedia

It is interesting to note that the word DevOps is a combination of the two terms ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’ which signifies the main aim of this culture. Earlier, the development teams and operations teams in any organization couldn’t get along due to the work differences: the Devs focuses on agility in the software application process, whereas Ops wanted stability. As such, there was a big wall of conflict between them. Software development is compiled of several activities that were done manually and it includes work like coding, testing, monitoring, etc. The DevOps methodology brings in a healthy collaboration between these two sets of members with the help of automating the manual processes, which, as a result, also saves a lot of precious time.

By quickening the speed of software project completion, DevOps ensures quality software service delivered to the customers what enables better communication and feedback from them, leveraging better profit. This is all about the benefits that any running business and industrial firms can acquire. But what are DevOps opportunities for a person who wants to build a career in this field? Or is choosing a career in DevOps good for them? Let’s get into details.

Like every other IT topics, DevOps is also surrounded by a lot of concepts and criticism. But you can get several benefits if you want a better future for yourself.

Every other industry is based on IT and software, as such, there is a necessity for DevOps in these organizations. Learning more and more about DevOps -its agile methodology and software architecture- one can leverage a lot of benefits, which primarily includes higher demand in the industrial market. Many companies are choosing to switch to the DevOps culture to gain faster continuous delivery, which brings into the picture the need for professionals.

DevOps is a concept that has been introduced since 2008. However, it has gained prominence until recently. So, if you are willing to build a career while learning DevOps skills, you will get plenty of scopes. You can choose from the following DevOps job roles associated with this field — DevOps Release Manager, DevOps Lead, DevOps Automation Expert, DevOps Testing Profesional, DevOps System Engineer, Software Developer, and Security Professional.

There is a huge demand for DevOps skills in today’s market. The average pay that DevOps Engineer earns in India is around 627,591/- per annum as per the findings of Glassdoor.

Another question about DevOps career path is linked with prospects: whether it will be positive or not? Let’s throw some light on this area of interest.

If you are choosing a career path, you should always be open to the market demand and future possibilities for it. If you are curious and enthusiastic to learn to work in different environments while simultaneously learning about the latest tools, techniques, and skills related to DevOps, then this is what will bring you success.

As companies are inclining towards cloud networking nowadays, the demand for DevOps is growing every day. There is an active collaboration between these two aspects (DevOps and Cloud): one enhances the work culture of your office environment, whereas the other focuses on newer technology adaptation.

Also, the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) signifies that cloud networking and software applications will be in demand, which shows that the future of DevOps is bright.

The number of IoT devices will increase to 20 billion by the year 2020. –World Economic Forum

With much discussion around this topic, we can conclude that for someone who wants to build their career in DevOps, this field will offer opportunities to prosper. Also, automation being the cornerstone of DevOps, people with skills about this new methodology will leverage huge benefits in the forthcoming years.




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