What is Python?

Python got its name from the British comedy group Monty Python. It is a high-level and object-oriented programming language that is gaining huge demand in recent times. It has additional features of being an interpreter and also is highly interactive. It gives the flexibility to do all things, from big enterprise solutions to small individual projects.

Python Properties

1. Strongly typed — Performing operations that do not match the type of object will automatically fail. In simple terms, the type of data is predefined, for example, integers, characters, etc. As such, the variables and constants defined for a program need to match with anyone of the data types.

2. Case sensitive — It can distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters in the character set. For instance, to Python, the word ‘Science’ and ‘science’ are different.

3. Object-oriented — The benefit of being object-oriented is that defining abstract data types like inheritance, polymorphism, etc. becomes easy since they have hidden implementation details. You can define the data type of a data structure as well as the type of operation as per convenience. Before choosing Python as the language that can kickstart your career, let us see what all fields Python can be applied. If something interests you, then you know where to start!

Web Development

For any business to reach beyond the physical sphere, the bare minimum is a website. Currently, it is moving towards interactive web apps, chatbots, integrated animations. It has a range of pre-built libraries for the developers to choose right from Django, Flask for full-stack development to Pyramid, or Bottle for microframeworks.

Internet of Things

With growing penetration of the internet and increased use of smart devices, the world is converging towards the Internet of Things. IoT is dependent on wireless sensor networks, data analytics, big data, ML, etc. Python is one of the few languages that is easy and also fits all these criteria. Easy scalable, expandable, and open-source, it enables progressive development of the language itself. Even more exciting is that Amazon offers a Software Development Kit for AWS IoT. For IoT, the choice of the programming language is similar to any other development project. The ease of writing is more important than the choice of language for every developer. But with Python, you can forget such complexities.

Python for ML

ML has seen an increasing craze in the last decade due to its limitless possibilities at making life easier. We know Python is one of the best languages for developing ML. But let us see why?

One of the most popular libraries for ML is TensorFlow that was developed by Google for training neural networks for making the search engine better. Python is available for free with an open-source software library and multiple task performance facility. All you need to do is install Python and you are good to go with your software projects. It promotes the development of networks that are analogous to how humans think. Python is flexible and has a high-performance architecture to help you deploy numerical computations in almost any platform. In Japan, a farmer developed an algorithm using Tensorflow to detect the best quality Cucumber, which is considered as a skill learned over years of experience. How is tensor flow connected with Python? It is going to be one of the most sort out skills in the near future, so let’s get going!

Python for Startups

Python is also one of the best fit for Startups as it is intuitive, scalable, offers a wide resource base for unique developmental needs, and has seamless integration with other platforms. It is easy to read and write, which makes it important as the same Programmer may not be developing for the entirety of the firm’s life. It allows for fast launch, easy scalability, and high code quality, making it one of the top choice programming language.

21 buttons, a Europe based Fashion Social Network has built its platform on Python and currently serves about 6 million bloggers and influencers. If you are a beginner in Python, get started and create small applications and experiments. Who knows you could be the next Flipkart?

Python is set to be the most written language in the next decade. With Python getting taught even in primary schools and its dominant position in creating applications, it will be a prerequisite for the set of jobs that will emerge in the next decade.




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